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thousands of people were gathered to watch it make a low pass over moffett field. i thought it were supposed to open the gates around 6:00 this morning >> to just opened up the gates and the cars you see behind me are all heading to get a spot for the big event that will go on here at moffett field at 9:00. there will be astronauts here and there are expecting the flight deck to happen at about 930. it has already been postponed an hour so we can make sure the fog is out of here and everyone has a really good view of the shuttle. here is what we are expecting this morning. the shuttle is taking off from southern california flying over sacramento and then at 930 it will pass over the chabot space and science center in oakland. the shuttle will then do a few loops around the bay passing low by the golden gate bridge. then it is onto silicon valley. finally, over west san jose and the monterey bay aquarium. here it is launching from edwards or landing rather. it is piggybacking on a specially modified boeing 747, ready to put on a show that many of us will never forget. >> i'm sad to see it go
that perhaps that fog will burn off around 9:30. phfft we can expect that show to see near moffett field. before going to los angeles. that excitement is building! as the final historic flight will be in the air. at moffett the view, the carmack was cleared yesterday for thousands of spectators. the tarmac was cleared yesterday-- >> and also as a special tribute honoring in de endeavor--astronauts will be in attendance. and here are some of the best spots to attend it. the science center in oakla oakland hell. however, they're offering tickets. space is limited. and the berkeley marina, fisherman's wharf, sausalito, chrisy field. anywhere where you can get close to the water. endeavor is going to be over the golden gate and the bay bridge circling the area. and if the fog is not that bad beautiful from marin. and from moffett field the view locations are also recommended but at coyote point at san francisco, the balance, the nature belly, palo alto, and also moffett field or the will have that big festivity. the moffett field. -- the ceremony is open for the first 5000 people cured doubl
the flyover, take a look. the discovery museum, the exploratorium, and moffett feel in the south bay. let's bring in jean. so much excitement for this brief event. >> reporter: it will be brief, raj, but they are prepared for thousands of people to come here to moffett field tomorrow morning. the parking signs are in place. some chairs are set up. not very many. it is expected to be a hectic morning getting in here but enthusiasts say a chance to see the fly-by will be worth the trouble. >> the shuttle is the most complicated of come probable equipment. >> reporter: when john sees video of space shuttle "endeavour's" final voyage, he sees science in action. he spent six years managing nasa ames shuttle operation program. he was charged with sure the shuttle had a safe trip in extreme conditions. >> taking off and then being in freezing cold in space and then coming in through immense heat that you come through reentry and then being able to than like an airplane. >> it is a spectacular thing. >> the astronaut mark kelly was the last to command the "endeavour." he and his wife gabe relevan
anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 people to come right here to moffett field. our gates will be open early. we've encouraged people to walk, bike, take light rail. we've given away all of our parking passes. >> reporter: which means if you don't have a pass, the only way to get on to the air field is to walk or bike. >> it was an amazing program. it really advanced us in space and i think it would be great if everyone could see it and thank it for years of service. >> reporter: many see the flyover at nasa ames as a thank you to the hundreds of scientists who played a role in helping the program get off the ground. scientists here trains astron t astronauts to troubleshoot. this model is one third the size of the actual space shuttle. it was used inside a wind tunnel here at nasa ames to test the initial design of the space shuttle. while the pilot of the nasa 747 navigates the skies with the shuttle atop the aircraft. you'll need to do a little navigating too. if you're driving in the area, you're urged not to pull off the highway to take a look. another great photo op will be at the golden
award for that group. >> roberta gonzales at moffett field, what is the difference between a blunt end is that when? and how does weather affects them both? we will have that answer with a mobile weather. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center where the skies are clearing out very nicely. get ready because we will,,,,,,, >> it is the last thing that you would expect for the crew of the cruise ship that capsized off the italian coast. a maritime publication or did the seafarer of the year award to that ship. they said the crew are being recognized for their courage in the wake of a collision back in january, the word is not being shared with the capt. however who allegedly abandoned that ship and is still awaiting trial for several charges including causing that crash. >> unemployment claims were down by 26,000 at helping stocks rally on wall street. a live look at the big board where you can see the dow is up about 83 points. going to school like stanford may be expensive but it comes with a perk in the long run. >> the south bay university is ranked no. 10 when it comes to
. it is probably only a half mile from the gates to this location. you can no longer drive on to moffett field. >>darya: you can join the fun but like will said, it will be hard to get there, but you do have time. the ball probably not fly over until around 10:00 a.m.. let's show you some other places, you do not have to view it from moffett. it will be flying over walnut creek and then making a loop over hayward. anywhere in the san francisco area like sausalito, a fisherman's wharf, those are all good sleazes if you have ever seen the fleetweek festivities with the blue angels. the shuttle will be flying over coyote point in san mateo and then at the bay when preserve in palo alto. there is will tram at moffett field. >>darya: an officer involved shooting late last night. according to witnesses, vandals wrote the word killer on the wall of the police station. this is at 600 valencia's street. it was around 10:30 p.m. that the rioters yelled obscenities. the bart muni plaza at 16th street had to be closed down andand 11:00 p.m.. the shooting that sparked this outrage was around 8:00 p.m. in
bowl science center is a great spot. a good spot tickseeds thi as it goes to lautrec and at moffett field they may want to setup. you can also go to our web site at kron4 dot com. we will always have everything streaming here you could also go on to facebook. we will tweet them so everyone can share their photos. >> a lot of apple fans are waiting for the release of the new iphone. it is already 8:00 a.m. out in new york. people are already going into the store in new york and customers have been waiting awfully long. some of them have been waiting all week long. therwe are looking for the same scenario to take place around the south bay area. the demand has already outstripped the supply. if you pre ordered the phone you are not been promised delivery until the end of october. a lot of people in the line has stated that it is worth the wait. it they are sleek and they look nice and absorb great. everyone airline and apollo out toll store stated that they will get their iphone 5. >> rioters surrounded the mission police station after a suspect was shot. the demonstrators are very an
the shuttle reached moffett field was running 20 minutes behind the projected schedule and all nasa said before the flight was that ames was guaranteed one pass. there might have been a second one as the shuttle flew south to monterey, people very much hope that it would turnaround and come for a second pass which was not to be. reporting live in mountain view, i marks a year, cbs 5. >> with waterfront views and iconic landmarks in the background, san fransisco shuttle watchers could argue they had a better show. cate caugurian is at christie field with reaction, we were getting goosebumps here in the studio, i cannot imagine what it was like to be their lives. >> that is exactly right, it was definitely a breathtaking and as the golden gate bridge was not picturesque on its own, add the space shuttle endeavor to it, we had hundreds of people here and the anticipation was able to be felt in the crowd. all lot of excitement and of course cameras. take a look for yourself, breathtaking moments as she made her first loop slowly spreading along the bay waters and then the money shot, the gol
. it was a day for everyone to appreciate. >> market is live at moffett field. hundreds were up before the sun so they could get a glimpse of the shuttle sendoff. >> there was a lot of hype about what would what happened here at moffett field today but when all was said and done, getting to the photographs turned out to be a little bit elusive. anticlinal low altitude bay area flyby, the 747 carrying the space shuttle delighted those just outside the moffett field >> once-in-a-lifetime, it was fantastic >> it made me feel proud to be an american >> the view from the airfield was obstructed by many by massive hangar one. >> what a great disappointment. it was horrible. we didn't even know what was coming. we knew what direction but they didn't tell us it was on the other side of the hangar. >> others say even though the route was not exactly as expected, it was still a good show >> this was awesome, i saw this when i was a little kid before the shuttle even went up into space and now seeing it again is very exciting >> foreign assets of flyby was a farewell to a friend. workers conducted wind tunn
with our coverage at moffett field. >> reporter: there is a connection here, part of the shuttle project since the late 60s. for many people here, today's flight symbolizing both the past and future of space exploration. the space shuttle endeavour piggy backing made its way to moffett field. nasa ames created the shuttle and has been part of shuttle development for many decades. for some ames workers today's fly over was very emotional. >> it's making its final flight, it's choking me up. >> reporter: it's working already, many youngsters we talked to said today's fly over reenforces dreams of space exploration. >> i really wants to design a new spacecraft that can deliver robots up to mars. >> you never know what little boy or little girl is going to make it all the way, some of them will fly, that's great. >> reporter: if there was any disappointment is that the shuttle only made one swing around moffett field. >>> it may have been one of the most picture-esque looks at the shuttle over the golden gate bridge. not once, but twice and the second time was lower and better. the weather c
headed out to moffett field. we'll be here. we'll have some broken clouds at the 9:00 hour with temperatures in the 50s. here's the other thing to note. nasa is updating the time between 9:30 and 10:00 in the morning for the shuttle to fly over. again, stay tuned for more updates on that. they have pushed this back due to low clouds in the area. so they're hoping that a lot more people here across the peninsula will be able to see the "endeavour" as it flies over. at 9:00, we'll have the fog against the coastline. also in san francisco, watch right here as we advance this into 10:00. notice how it starts to push back. we'll see that as we head to 11:00 as well. pretty good right now to be able to see the "endeavour" at moffett field. as for this weekend, we'll have the slow system moving across the west. it looks like the drier track will bring us cooler weather as we head into the weekend and a few areas of patchy fog. it looks like the patch of showers yesterday is somewhat out of the picture. we'll have the full forecast coming up. >> thanks so much. >>> it was a thrill
, then, moffett field. it's a good-bye to all those who made the shuttle program a success. jean elle is in mountain view with more on what to expect. jean? >> reporter: employees here say seeing the shuttle pass over san francisco will be a sight to see. but the main event is at moffett field where the flyover is expected to be slow and low. >> and wheels up. >> reporter: space shuttle "endeavour" spent 299 days in space. its final mission is much closer to earth. it's heading to los angeles to retire on the back of a 747, with a scheduled flyover the bay area friday. >> the space shuttle has never been to northern california before. >> reporter: donald james says it's a once in a lifetime event. and an emotional good-bye. scientists here trained shuttle astronauts, developed the shuttle's design and created the heat shield. >> we feel that we really were the birthplace, the cradle for where the space shuttle really grew up and developed. we're proud that it's going to come back here to pay tribute to that work at ames. >> reporter: workers are expecting lots of company. as many as 1
>>> hups gathered at moffett field to see the shuttle fly overand we will show you the flyover. >> it's a appearance to be in line and have fun. make new friends. >> one hour from now, apple stores will open and the long anticipated iphone 5 will be in the hands of anxious apple fans. what those who have the new phone are saying about it. >> reporter: a police shooting sparks a heated protest in san francisco. we will show you how a police station was vandalized during the spontaneous demonstration. >> also a busy weekend for presidential politics in the bay area. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is on his way here today. president obama arrives later this weekend. will your neighborhood be affected. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> complete bay area new coverage starts right now this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i am dave clark. >> i am tori campbell. friday september 21st. we begin with the historic flyby over the bay area. we are just a few hours away from the shuttle endeavour making its final run. ktvu ann ruben is live at
to moffett field. >> we will be backed and pick we will let expects a possible upgrade to day. we will have more when we come back. >>james: we are back here and if you have not noticed yet. twitter has had some changes. the twitter for ios and android have also received upgrades >> the report says the samsung galaxy you will be released in january. this is the biggest move since the fed record in san jose will against-- ruled against samsung. >> apple stock is up and the new phone is not even out yet. the stock is up over $700 pit >> they will have followed a stream and the new pass book application as well. >> to suspects to be dealt a giants fan outside of a game have their day in court. we will be right back. >>james: radiation concerns on treasure island's. there at our training sites there. residents want to know why the navy did not inform them of the danger. real-estate officials are calling for a new study. >> what is important to tell the people that live here is that it is safe to live here. a big concern about future developments is about where people are going to live and
will take place probably four hours from now. the event will attract 8 to 10,000 here at moffett field. right now endeavour is atop that beg 747 at edwards air force base it arrived from texas yesterday in a few hours it will begin its swan song aerial victory lap. the fly by at moffett field will be a butte to the nasa ames employees, they tested wind tunnels and heat shields. this morning a fremont woman whose husband is a project manager responsible for moving the shuttle once it arrives in l l -- had l.a.. >> it is history this is never going to happen again. this is the last of it. i'm getting google alerts on my phone, i signed up for that and i've gone down there, i've been in the hangar where going to be temporarily. >> reporter: endeavour is expected to arrive piggyback from 9:30 to 10:30 this morning that was pushed back an hour to make sure any fog clears. the plan is to fly as low as 1500 feet. other viewing locations around the bay area include the golden gate bridge, the space and science center in the oakland hills, as well as monterey bay aquarium, before the endeavour
'll be bringing them together for a briefing. from there they will be boarding an aircraft and taken to moffett. a military aircraft or helicopter, taking them to moffett, where the national guard has offered to put on a display of a c-130 j, the big car go planes, that's what will be there. and another briefing from the medical people there on how this all works. it will be a kickoff to what we would like to be a year-long effort at really planning for how we would move patients out of san francisco if we had to in a logical and safe fashion in exercising with the d.o.d., culminating with the summer of 2013. if it goes as planned, culminating in 2013 with an actual patient movement exercise, where we would have the hospitals, have their operations centers open, actually have to make some of these decisions, work with the health department operations center, work with the e.o.c. and work with d.o.d. to actually, over two days, plan for, organize and execute a patient movement. it sounds very ambitious, but our friends in the military are very confident they can do it. and i'm throwing the chall
>> thousands of people are expected here on the flight line at moffett field tomorrow. those gates behind me will be open in what is very likely going to be the closest point to the fly over tomorrow. when the 747 ferrying the shuttle leaves edwards air force base, it will put on the show that nasa says the bay area will never forget. >> this is a big deal. shuttle has ever been to northern california before >> he says he should be able to see the shuttle from almost anywhere in the bay area >> pitch to be a great view almost no matter where you are >> of the shuttle will first passover sacramento and then fly towards oakland and the lawrence hall of science before heading to the golden gate bridge for several passes and then south to moffett field were some of the best viewing is likely to take place at an altitude of 1,500 ft.. >> it might even fly a little bit lower than that, i am not at liberty to say how low but you will get a great shot >> with a fly over visible all over the bay area the chp and other law enforcement agencies will be on the alert for those trying to see the flyover f
-- moffett field. you do not necessarily have to be at moffett field to see the space shuttle. >> the best advice is, please be safe if you are in a car and see the shuttle. we recommend that people get close to the water or somewhere near the peninsula. >> the 2500 on-site parking spaces are already spoken for. organizers are encouraging people to arrive as early as 6:00 a.m.. another option is to take the light rail and for the no. 51 bus to reach the entrance gate to moffett field. >> the space and science center is going to open early. that should provide some good views of the shuttle. basically anywhere in the baby should have a great deal. it will pass over the golden gate. half sox looked text messages is expected to go into the pacific and travel near the coast. endeavor will then head inland. tests >>jaqueline: what a pretty picture from the marin headlands. we are seeing sunshine all around the area. there is not a cloud on the satellite. half will will take in look at temperatures, nothing does a little bit of a neighborhood by neighborhood. i >>pam: kron4 has recovered if
passes here at moffett field. you can still come, you need to bring id, and you are being advised to use the ellis gate to see the event. we are shooting for 9:30 to 10:00 this morning when endeavour comes flying by on a final flight as it heads to southern california. john alston, abc7 news. >>> thinking about vista point, other side of golden gate bridge, marin headlands, there's 8,000 places to go. >> publish your favorite spots. we want viewers to tell us where they plan to watch. in the meantime john was saying the weather looks good now they've postponed it by an hour. >> let's confirm. >> i have kids who want to play hooky, this is a big deal. the weather is cooperating very little in the way of low clouds and fog to start. in the sacramento valley, clear skies at 8:00, as the shuttle gets closer, 9:30, notice that we are looking at a little bit of fog here. really it is going to dissipate, we are talking about sunny conditions over the golden gate bridge and certainly down around moffett field sunshine that fog is going to disperse, the inversion is very, very weak, i think by 8:
at moffett field. we will broadcast the flyover live for you. we are expecting it to happen at 9:30, give or take. you can see it on the web site at nbcbayarea.com. a lot of fun there. >>> let's check the morning commute as well. you are looking closer to the roadway. >> this is 880. people are not worried about the shuttle now because of the back up. this is the back up approaches the coliseum close to 23rd. that is the slamdown. 580 is clearer. >>> thank you. join us as we track the shuttle's flight this morning. [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! ♪ ♪ this is crazy here's my number so call me maybe ♪ ♪ here's my number so call me maybe ♪ >> 8:30 on friday morning, 21st of september, 2012. good morning to everybody on the plaza. maybe you'll recognize that song in a bit. >> a little familiar. >> took me a while to get it. >> we heard a lot of tributes, a lot of knock-offs to "call me ma
at the golden gate bridge and moffett field as a special tribute to workers at the nasa research center. they developed the shuttle done and developed the heat seals. as many as 10,000 people are expected to gather at moffett to watch the flyover, expected to happen between 8:30 and 10:00. the space and science center is holding on event starting at 8:00 if you're willing to pay about $16 per person. if you're looking for a free view, we're told san francisco's chrissy field or marina greens should be great vantage points. we'll be breaking into programming tomorrow to bring to it you live right here on nbc bay area. the sight over the golden gate bridge, what's the forecast? sit going to be foggy. >> there's good changes we've started to see where the sky has started to clear out. this will be the most dramatic shot we'll see tomorrow morning. the golden gate towers close to 750 feet above the water and the 747 and space shuttle supposed to do a pass at about 1,500 feet. that's been where all the fog and low clouds have been. but tomorrow morning, looks like patchy areas of low clouds.
, there will be a low-flying pass over the golden gate bridge. and between 9-and 9:30 will pass over moffett field and nasa ames research center then back to southern california where it will go on permanent display at california science center in los angeles. nasa is encouraging people to report sightings on twitter using the hash tag spot the shuttle and 0 v 105 and please send us your photos of the shuttle. >> and there is a fly over tucson, arizona to pay tribute to gabrielle gifford. her husband asked that'sa to make that fly by. kelly served as endeavor's last pilot. giffords resigned from congress to focus on her recovery after being shot in january, 2011. >>> a landmark ruling in san francisco. two former executives for a liquid crystal display company received three prison sentences and the company must pay $500 million in fines for violating u.s. antitrust laws. this is one of the harshest penalties ever in an antitrust criminal case. >> and there is a new bug in town called iphone 5 that is catching on fast. take a look at the chairs lined up outside of the apple store there is a live p
flight over later. he expected some place along what one towards moffett field. right now we're in the '60s the and have looked into the seven of the latest traffic looks good and the directions. >>> the plan is going to break up nicely. the 10 jurors are going to be a little warmer. spent your this morning that the focus in the north big valley. all as we have that the day skies will be the most astounding. mostly sunny and cool out towards a coastline. this is a large high pressure to sneak back into the bay area so it sure morgan to and 48 the first day today. some patchy morning clouds early on today plenty of sunshine this afternoon. clear skies and divert in houston and looking good in your with 72. 75 in san jose 69 in heavy wooden plenty of eighties in the east bay and looking good inside the day. 70 in oakland 67 and san francisco. the denied degrees. things the to cool the monday and tuesday. >>> into a dismal world protest against the anti islam video have turned deadly once again. a job before it at a city tv station was killed today highest police opened fire on
it for real. >> there was restricted air space around moffett field, officials say there were no delays because of the final shuttle flight. >> and from smiles there was some disappointment. among those at moffett field, many caught off guard by a last minute change in flight pattern, those showing up early to set up for a shot were out of position. and instead of going over the air strip, it came out from behind hangar one. >> this is cool. and we were faked out because it came that way but still an awesome experience. >> a representative from nasa ames could not explain only saying it was the pilot's decision. >> there were disappointed facing in oakland abc 7's nick smith has more on that. >> happening now, a spot recommended by nasa was anything but. 500 people packed the deck in hopes of getting a glimpse of endeavor. and that didn't happen. to break between trees provided the only opportunity to catch a peek. and most were not focused in this direction. the look on this little guy's face says it all. it should have been the perfect back drop for young faces to witness history in t
hour live to o best bay area view spots to see the fly over moffett field they are hosting a big watch party. >> sal is also a photographer. that picture of the shuttle over the golden gate bridge will be the one to catch. >> yeah. but if you just want to -- they will be watching it in the oakland hills too. we've been talking about that. just don't stop on the roads, please. >>> let's take a look at the commute now. they've had problems with that people pulling over causing traffic jams because they stop on the freeway. don't do that. westbound 24 oakland to -- i'm sorry walnut creek to oakland looks pretty good here through lafayette. there are no major problems. if you are driving through the bay bridge toll plaza it's relatively light. and this morning we still have that crash in san jose hasn't caused a major backup southbound 85. you have 08 -- 6:08 let's go to steve. >>> thank you. patchy fog forming. very, very cool low. and some areas around russian river getting a little bit of patchy fog. also around marin county. it's a far cry from anything we've had lately. overall i thin
anxiously waiting. this was the moment 20,000 visitors at moffett field had waited for. when the space shuttle endeavour did a fly over just before 10:30 this morning. the emotional build upstarted hours earlier as people crowded in. jim and linda swan let their daughter skip school to capture this. >> i want the girls to be a part of the space program. >> it's all about getting that new experience and being out there. and i mean, it's more than what you can just learn in the classroom. >> reporter: some nasa ames workers were almost close to tears. >> it's flying to the ames space center, it's choking me up. >> reporter: the shuttle entrance surprised the crowd when it appears appears in front of the hanger instead of the entrance. >> wow. >> reporter: due to delays the shuttle made just the one fly over, observers including the swan family savored the moment. >> awesome experience. no matter how quick it was. it's something that usually you never see in your lifetime. >> reporter: for many the sight was bittersweet. >> it's very sweet to see the shuttle and reminisce the w
. 5 in antioch, that is one of the warmest and moffett by the bay they run warmer but even the city is at 52 but if you crack up the winter, across the board, delta breeze is in place but it is hard pressed, a pig area of high pressure starting to pick up that food bank. there is no isn't of a north or northeast wind right now. over the next couple of of days, east can't cool down much more. now there is a days agreement in the forecast model the but those lifting to the north, it will get there sooner, we will be back to you, pam. >>> take a look at the live pictures, they are marking the occupied protesters and you can see a number of them, they are planning to spread themselves out around the stock exchange and form a human chain trying to keep people from getting in and we will be following this throughout the morning and there are some events happening here in san francisco, so again a live look at what is happening in new york and we will keep you posted on the events here and there. >>> a teamer will appear in court and he is accused of trying to blow up a jeep. he thought th
of fog on the coast even some upper 50s, low 50s to upper 50s and between 50 and 55 and moffett tends stay warmer but -- tends to stay warmer but they havisherred -- urnerred -- ushered in cooler air. 50s and 60s for most, this cool air will hang around and it will control our weather. windy, delta, foggy on the coast. temperatures are hard pressed to warm up, oakland, same around the bay, and now inland lots of upper 70s, morgan hill to -- morgan hill to gilroy, it does look a little warmer inland rather significant cool down comes back sunday and monday, pam. >>> two flights including one from san francisco were stopped after a color claimed explosives and hijackers were on board. and a thin air flight from finland landed and were taken to an isolated area and searched. nothing was found. both pilots told investigators nothing suspicious had happened during the flights. >>> the campus is back opened but that is only after a bomb threat led to an investigation. the threat was called in and all students and staff were searched by police and bomb- sniffing dogs. no explosives were foun
a low dip on to it moffett field. >>> the search for a missing firefighter is now focused on a 160-mile area between colorado and nebraska. charlie dowd disappeared from an amtrak train on a trip to visit his soon. now they say they think he fell off the train. they reportedly saw him standing near a train and another passenger found an exterior door open. his family will head to colorado and nebraska today. >>> and turning now to late news, president barack obama talked about controversial comments made by his challenger mitt romney. >> my experience is you have to be president for everybody not just for some. >> he was asked about that secret recordings. in the recording he said half are victims and believe they are end titled to many things. >> i'm sure i could state it better than i did in a setting like that. i'm sure i will point that out. >> ryan called them inn articulate. they are trying to highlight government dependancy. >> it shows more americans think the country is moving in the right direction. the race for the white house is still very close. and the latest pole shows hi
, clear skies, low clouds and this turns and makes a way to moffett field. sunny skies, you have to understand timing is changing so you have to give or take an hour here, you want to stay tuned. there is low pressure going to be what we call on ann inside slider so there is weekend looblging warmer, we're not going drop temperatures quite as low. going to warm up first day of fall, saturday. there is friday, 73 in san jose. there is a lovely day there are 77 napa. there is 80 danville and livermore, temperatures 71 degrees in santa cruz, mild ending to summer tomorrow, warming it up for fall, saturday there is mid 60s coast, temperatures up and down every day. really by a few degrees. hopefully you like what you see on the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> and still ahead, metal thieves find a >>> there is a new development in the deadly hanta virus outbreak. officials want to survey workers to see whether they were exposed to the virus carried by mice. nine people developed hanta virus after staying in cabins in curey village. tree three park employees also developed symp
was ready outside the gate of moffett field. and i think it is an honor. the spaceship was amazing! it had a great contusion with the chest and a marine helicopter i do not think that i'll never see like that again. >> the patriotism outside of the golden gate. and the shuttles were overcome with emotion. >> it is fabulous! might taxpayer dollar at work. i love it. >>reporter: the chp were here and several lined along moffett field and others were gathering on top of rooftops to watch history. >> it is a great day for history. and to see the orbit come true in for a reported to celebrate what the program is all about. there were young people that were born after the first shuttle flight and this is a culmination for >> . they grew up with the shuttle. for >>reporter: at 10:40 they appeared with cheers and the snapshots. and they waved farewell on a victory lap for the shuttle program itself. finally, disappearing into the west and in the horizon but gone. but by no means, forgotten. >> it makes us feel really good about being americans. >> it is super amazing i am so happy to be here. >> a
by rock off the coast of moffett on mexico, you can see the strong waves rocked the vessel back and forth slamming into rocks a tough effort all eight fishermen rescued everyone okay. today national coffee day, a new survey shows java plays a major role in productivity 43% of workers say there are less productive without it. people in the food industry topped the list as needed most sales representatives marketing and pr professionals and nurses. the survey was by dunkin donuts and career builder. the majority younger workers need coffee for motivation. roberta has and less energy >>> we keep the coffee away from me there's a rule. you're going to want to hydrate with lots of water tomorrow we have temperatures going up we increase from 4-15 degrees 93 in livermore 80 in san jose today up from 70 friday, 80 in santa rosa still below average in san francisco, we have a layer of low clouds along the coast only 58 in san francisco, or at 90 throughout the tri valley, upper seventies in the high santa clara valley, that area of high pressure air expands and produces a mini heat wave on sunday
bay not forgoten after losing both legs. >> at moffett field a home construction project, a wheelchair ramp. if you know significance of the flag with a silver star outside of the house that only begins to tell the rest of the story. >> this is good. >> this has been a little more than a year for brian jergens. in september he was carried from a jet after a roadside bomb took his two legs, a finger and damaged his hearing, eye sight and brain. and he's recovering and has permanent housing at moffett field. getting around has not been easy. volunteers combined forces. >> this helps him with being able to be on his own. and to do his own thing, if you wants to. >> like, live a normal live. something he has been working towards every day. in mountain view, abc 7 news. >> there is politics now. vice president joe biden briefly toured at rena in preparation for his acceptance speech tonight and will be followed by president obama. and certainly will be hard to top former president clinton's address last night in charlotte. >> i want to cut taxes for high income americans more than president
research center in moffett field. there is an informal the old party scheduled. and lax are around noon charles comfort, kron 4 cured there is i-- party at the-moffett field planned. >> partial eclipse of the sun from curiosity cameras from the planet mars. it seems that it is getting impacted by three different eclipses' from last week and continued to today. these photographs will help the future trend for the other mars moon. >> a stolen cello was found by a security guard three blocks away in front of the opera house. this is surveillance video of the suspected thieves. a man, a woman walking into the building and walking out with a cello. still, they are on the loose. >> students in california could have to pay more to attend class is as early as the month of january. the california state university system will see eight to one of $50 million cut of the temporary tax measure will fail. there will see $21 $5 million in cuts. and if that happens? $215-- >> students millions. could be impacted from this $215 million. >> i come from a low-income family. right now i am struggling just t
with emotion. >> out side of moffett field. >> fabulous! my tax dollars hard at work. >> it was jammed walnut creek along the rooftop to witness history. >> a special day and fun to see the orbit come through and everybody to celebrate. that is what the program is all about. >> at 10:30 it appeared with everybody snapping pictures and they were waving farewell as a part of a victory lap for the space program. as it disappeared into the horizon and history. to be forgotten. >> it is great to make you feel like an american. >> people got what they came for. rob fladeboe, and moffett field, kron 4. >> fantastic images that they shared with us. this really gives you a sense of how large the shuttle is. and below. this next is from salsa lido. sausalito. before moving a round san francisco but look at how close it is to the tree line. there are just 1,500 ft. from the ground. and from the oakland hills. the san francisco skyline is in the background. a little bit hazy but you can see the skyline, the shuttle and look at this. the f 18 hornet. escorting it around the bay area. and this picture righ
fit field in mountain -- in moffett field in mountain view. >> i love to see that. >> we should be able to, right mike? >> going to be close in the south bay, a better chance than up near san francisco, probably going to be cloudy friday morning, hopefully that will change they are coming in 9:00 -- >> right now it looks okay. >> right now, exactly. right now it is sunny outside. san francisco friday morning, who knows, san jose, excuse me, friday morning going to be a tough one. you may want to if go to the south bay to make sure. vollmer peak towards the west all the clouds racing back to the coast even then pockets of sun develops this afternoon. live doppler 7 hd nothing in the way of rain, it is dry. you can see how quickly the clouds are dissipating still in the sonoma valley, a few clouds around and around the monterey bay clouds -- sun developing a little out of coast unlike yesterday. temperatures with the sunshine one to six degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago most of us in the 50s, 60 mountain view, 60s and 70s inland antioch 72. near 60 monterey bay, 65 in gilro
in southern california. friday morning it will fly over move fit field in mountain -- in moffett field in mountain view. >> i love to see that. >> we should be able to, right mike? >> going to be close in the south bay, a better chance than up near san francisco, probably going to be cloudy friday morning, hopefully that will change they are coming in 9:00 -- >> right now it looks okay. >> right now, exactly. right now it is sunny outside. san francisco friday morning, who knows, san jose, excuse me, friday morning going to be a tough one. you may want to if go to the south bay to make sure. vollmer peak towards the west all the clouds racing back to the coast even then pockets of sun develops this afternoon. live doppler 7 hd nothing in the way of rain, it is dry. you can see how quickly the clouds are dissipating still in the sonoma valley, a few clouds around and around the monterey bay clouds -- sun developing a little out of coast unlike yesterday. temperatures with the sunshine one to six degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago most of us in the 50s, 60 mountain view, 60s and 70
'll go far. >>pam: >> before they blastoff astronauts come to moffett field to practice when the shuttle. >> every astronaut that has ever flown a facial has said in his chair. >> since the space shuttle crew of apollo and other programs of the '70s, nafta has been there every step of the way. there have been more than 5300 simulated touchdowns and other training exercises related to 135 missions. >> these life-saving ceramic tiles are designed to withstand 3000 degree heat during reentry. >> it probably will make me cry because they get emotional with the need things that we and nasa are able to do. >>pam: kron4 gives you the best seat to watch the blue angels live, it is part of san francisco's fleetweek activity. will bring you the sights and sounds hosted by our very own mark danon and george rask. [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ mal
and then it will make a low pass at moffett field before heading to l.a. there will be a special viewing event, officials say they will try to not turn anyone away who shows up. if weather permits we should see it at the 9:00 hour. >> if weather permits? >> you want to see what i'm going to do. >> yes. >> going to be clear. >> wow, bingo. >> right on the keyboard, no, we will see. >> we will see. thanks for watching us tonight, have a great day tomorrow. >> see you guys tomorrow, good night. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out, but we do use tender chunks of white meat chicken in an herb & spice broth. come on that's it? i need the recipe. you gotta help me out! [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh
a fly over san francisco down near moffett field. we have a great opportunity tomorrow morning to see the shuttle flight for the bay area we will talk more about that as we get closer to it. the best you the best angle the best place to see it. >> the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits if phil by 3000 the average rose to 377,000 that's the highest level in nearly three months. applications for skewed hired three months ago. weekly applications to convey the pace of layoffs and that higher net is not strong enough to push down the unemployment rate. >> 6: 12 is the time as we look at our tam camera. more >> 6: 12 is the time as we look at our tam camera. more the savings really stack up during sleep train's >> 6: 12 is the time as we look at our tam camera. more inventory clearance sale. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. the inventory clearance sale is on now. superior service, best s
obviously when the fly by happens as well highway 101 past moffett field 87, 237 and across the golden gate bridge when it makes that fly over expect bumper-to-bumper traffic. it will be exciting to see. right now golden gate bridge light, crews just starting to snake their way to reconfigure for your morning commute. roadwork on the north end of the span just being picked up. you will find a little slow traffic past the scene down to one lane until they can get that reconfigured. bay bridge light, good news no metering lights so far, upper deck moving well into san francisco. san mateo bridge tail lights towards foster city and highrise right now moving nicely. san jose southbound, very -- light traffic headed northbound from san jose to cupertino. >>> you may not think a cup of tea as medicine, researchers do. new study announced symposium on tea showed green tea can reduce risk of osteoporosis, especially when combined with tai chi form of exercise based on chinese martial arts. green tea can burn up to 100 calories a day. black tea found to be good for the heart if you drink it before c
this morning also live at moffett field where crowds will be gathering to watch the fly over. >>> in election news this morning republican presidential nominee mitt romney visits the bay area today to raise campaign cash in the race for the white house. he is going to appear at a fundraiser at the strawberry hill estate in hillsborough. news chopper 2 flew over. tickets for that fundraiser $50,000 a head. >>> president obama will return to san francisco for a concert and a rally fundraiser. according to the bay area news group the october 8th event will take place at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets range from $100 to $7500. >>> new finance documents show president obama has $88 million available to spend in the final weeks before the november election. federal election commission documents also show his campaign spent more than $83 million last month. mitt romney has $50 million as he heads into tonight's bay area fundraiser. >>> happening now thousands of bay area apple fans are waiting in long lines for the iphone 5. tara moriarty joins us now from outside the apple store on chest
/or the pilot pulled a fast one because the thousands here were all looking toward the aren't way and moffett field, all of a sudden the shuttle actually came behind himtg<÷ near the old hangar and the entire crowd had to turn at once to look. still, a lot of people were impressed by what they saw. the shuttle endeavour came roaring didn't the bay. in its heyday it reached 300 miles into space. this morning you felt as if you could almost up it the at just a few 100 feet often ground. >> was cool. -- i'm glad i was there. amazing. >> reporter: the fly by was a tribute to the men and women of the nasa ames research center which helped develop shuttle program. among the spectators former astronaut steve robinson of san jose who has flown four shuttle missions, one onboard endeavour. >> fact that so many get to see that space shuttle that have never seen it before makes me proud and happy to share the experience. >> reporter: the crowd started showing up before the sun came up in order to get as close as possible to the fly by. it is a treatment for  who cg his school day. >> this is the first
" to make a low pass at moffett field. we saw the chase plane come across. everyone had their eyes out there. then we did a 180 and this is what we saw. it sneaked behind hangar one. that is the large blimp hangar along 101. people had to turn around with their cameras and try to get as many shots as possible. it was within our view for maybe 10 to 12 seconds. a nice slow rumble. majestic to see this. despite of the confusion, i got to talking to people afterwards. there was little disappointment. thousands of people up here lining the flight line out there. in that crowd was dr. steven robinson who flew the "endeavour." >> you saw it going by around 220 miles per hour. it did not look like it because it was so large. imagine that same beast on the 747 going 17,500 miles and over and over. a real engineering marvel. >> reporter: to be on that ride? where do you feel it? >> in your heart. in your brain. >> we were looking and then it is over there. >> reporter: and nasa ames received this tribute, this honorary fly by because of the work people did here to get the shuttle up. you notice the s
headed to moffett field and monterrey and there where it will be put in a museum. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it made a low fly over there in the south bay. ann ruben is live there with the crowd's reaction and why this was a thrilling moment for people who work there. >> reporter: that's right. the place actually cleared out quickly here. there are estimates ther were close to 20,000 people all craning their necks to get a glimpse of endeavour. their cameras out, their eyes on the sky thousands gathered to catch a glimpse of endeavour, off to the side flying at 1500 feet. >> it was really cool. it wayne wasn't that loud. i expected it to be louder and i was surprised about how low it flew. that was really cool. >> the trip was in many ways an honor for the men and woman who made it possible. >> it is choking me up. it is paying tribute to the thousands of people would worked on the program. >> the shuttle tiles were invented here and the shuttle flight simulator is here too. every shuttle pilot has trained on it, including stephen robinson. >> the fact it worked even once
the peninsula and over moffett field were thousands gathered to see yet. on to monterey, and finally los angeles it does the hollywood sign and circle downtown before landing at lax next week it is towed to the california signs museum where it will be on display next month. >>> while witnessing history many of your stamp photos of endeavor, our design department of these, juliette goodrich shows us more >>> christoph gobbler shares with his wife the moment he witnessed the space shuttle glide by his san francisco high rise >>> i looked over the top and you could see it within that to die and josten visual i was on my balcony and everybody was out on the balcony's that is so cool >>> like many others throughout the bay area and huddled on rooftops to catch a glimpse conference calls and meetings put on hold >>> i'm on my call i look out the window i see it come over the golden gate bridge. i said this was so cold that was the end of the call >>> i think the call was a deal and answer >>> the fly over was something people wanted to see and share photos with friends >>> i have great pictures these
to go live to moffett field at 6:30 this morning because they are hosting a very big watch party there. >> there will be a lot of watch parties. that is what sal is telling us chp has a warning as well. >>> that is right dave and pam. chp's warning not to stop on the freeway if you happen to be driving by when endeavour flies over. i know it's tempting to do it and people do it, but it's dangerous and you could be cited for it. as we look at the east shore freeway 80 westbound looks pretty good. obviously stopping on the freeway you can imagine how dangerous that would be. but every once in awhile someone will do it and it will cause a big problem. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge the traffic here is looking good all the way into the city. no major problems there. and if you are driving in the san jose area 280 northbound right through downtown that looks pretty good. 5:07 steve. is it going to be warmer this weekend? >> today and tomorrow. sunday is the transition day. but it looks good. even for the coast as we start to wipe out that fog. usually by this time of year the
at the right time, mark sayers at moffett field tonight, scientists there had a big role in the space shuttle mission? >> they did indeed. there was a lot of excitement about what would happen here, they thought there would be a lot of special treatment, we heard reports of the shuttle coming down to these runways, at a 200 ft flyby. people got here early with big cameras and some of those pictures for a little bit elusive. >> in its final low altitude bay area flyby, the 747 carrying the space shuttle endeavor delighted those gathered outside of the moffett air field. >> it was awesome, once-in-a- lifetime, >> it made me feel proud to be an american. the and space exploration and where it is going. >> the view from the airfield itself where thousand had gathered was obstructed for many by the massive hangar, the space shuttle passed through the west of the hangar while many people who arrive early had set up their cameras expecting a low flyby of the runway. >> what a great disappointment. it was horrible. we did not even know where it was coming from. we knew what direction, south, but they
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